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Comic #250
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I did not realize I knew so many people that cared.

I would like to talk this time to say I was completely overwhelmed by the number of people that contacted me with their advice and support. I thank everyone that took the time to tell me their perspective. I have heard many different view points, and each of them helped me to come to a conclusion.

I need to confess I was surprised by the number of people that bothered I have always thought of myself as something of an outsider. So, it meant a great deal for me to have people come forward with their input. I can honestly say I thought long and hard about what each of you had to give. Some people I agreed with more than I did others, but everyone made good points and helped me understand what I must do. Someone I knew even put me in touch with one of my old undergraduate professors; who then called me with fatherly advice (and a pledge to allow me to use him as a recommendation).

I always thought the internet was a cold, uncaring thing. However, I guess I was just proven wrong. Therefore, I feel it is your right to know I just sent an email out saying that I will not be accepting the job in Mexico. I don't think it would be healthy for my marriage for me to leave to another country at this point. My wife told her family they would have a grandkid in a year or two, and that would be awful hard to do if I took a year long contract in Mexico. Where I still a bachelor I would've, but I'm not.

I was approved by Carney, Sandoe & Associates; I've applied to a number of lecture positions at CNM as well as a position at Kirtland Air Force Base. I am sure it will all work out.

It always does.


PS: Were you serious about wanting to buy my novel when it's done? 2/24/13