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Comic #246
Card Tags: Totally Lost

I wanted to do a comic this week on the new planeswalker, Domri Rade. People love planeswalker comics, so I did a search to see what I could find out about our pip-squeak planeswalker. However, I soon discovered (I even broke down and asked some experts) there WAS no information on him. As of this writing, there is nothing on Domri Rade other than a few flavortext quotes.

Now, I know that Wizards has been cutting back in the storyline department. We used to get a book with every set, and now we are luckily if the books they say are coming out will be written at all; the Liliana-Garruk novel was cancelled/postponed indefinitely. MaRo has explained that there is a very good reason for this cut-back, because stories aren't profitable. Magic players are first and formost--well--players. So, I guess it should come as no surprise that reading books and comics isn't really top priority for them. They're rather buy dual lands than novels.

However, the fact that the pre-release came and went without even a short blurb about him on Wizard's Planeswalker page is a litte unsettling. Even the article in which he was spoiled had nothing about his age, race, or personality. It only had one reference to his gender. (I'm still not 100% convinced he is a young human. He might be a deformed goblin of some kind, which would be cooler.)

I know that sometime in the next week or so Wizards will release a short blurb about him. By the time you read this we probably will know about as much about Domri as we do Tibalt or one of the other 'walkers given only a few paragraph story. I'm upset I could not do a comic about him this week, but I'm also worried about what this says about Wizard's priories.

I know people are caring less and less about flavor, but would it kill them to care just a little?

-Taylor 1/27/13